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The Antelope Valley Buffalo Company offers a delicious line of 100% natural buffalo products. The AV Buffalo Company is dedicated to providing the consumer with the largest high quality selection of game and exotic meats available. Our premium bison and exotic meats provide a healthy and tasty alternative to the traditional beef, pork and chicken meats, all of which have more cholesterol and fat. Our herd of Buffalo are located in the beautiful Leona Valley, and the quality of meat is second to none.

Our bison provides a number of health advantages to the traditional meats normally found at our dinner table. Buffalo meat provides the full flavor of beef, yet with more protein, less than half the fat, less cholesterol, and fewer calories. Buffalo meat is now accepted as an ideal food for health conscious people who enjoy meat. With it's delicious flavor, excellent health qualities and the fact that it can be substituted for beef in any recipe truly make this a perfect meat.

Meat Shipped Fed Ex Standard Overnight. Jerky Fed Ex Ground.

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